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Goal-Setting and Visualization Start With Visioning

Goal-setting, visualization and visioning are related, yet substantially different concepts that many people confuse. I am a strong believer in setting goals and visualizing them. From my own experience, the practical tool of goal-setting combined with the elegant technique of visualization can help us expand and grow in our business and our life. But those…Continue Reading

Bringing Forth What Is Within You

Over the years my work has evolved and expanded in new dimensions. I find that my business and life is guided by a creative intelligence and is rooted in trust and abundance. As we learn to listen to this guidance, we invariably hear the unique calling we all have. I firmly believe each of us…Continue Reading

How to Create A Wealth Consciousness!

One thing I have learned through working with thousands of clients is that it is our consciousness that allows all the work you do to come to fruition. Yes, you need strategy and planning to achieve your goals and become more prosperous, but those alone are not sufficient. Consciousness is key. To clarify what I…Continue Reading

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