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June 11-12, 2021

The Practice of Inspired Success

The Practice of Inspired Success

Last week, I shared about 3 essential tools and techniques that you can use in your creative process to help you manifest success and financial prosperity in alignment with your true purpose.

Now that I’ve given you a sense of what Visioning, Goal-Setting and Visualization are, I want to share about how you can implement them to create powerful results in your personal and professional life.

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Putting It Into Practice: The Process

It’s important to approach this creative process in a particular order:

Step 1 – Visioning

Step 2 – Goal-Setting

Step 3 – Visualization

You can use this framework when setting your annual goals, starting a new project, or during any important life transition where you’d like to set clear intentions for what you’re creating next.

Step 1: Visioning – Connecting With Something Greater

Visioning is different from the other two steps in that it doesn’t involve a specific “what”. This is because creating your vision isn’t about your existing thoughts or ideas of what you want or how to get there. Connecting with your vision is really about accessing your PURPOSE. When you connect with your true purpose, you open yourself up to a miraculous array of possibilities and opportunities, and you begin to manifest guideposts that your goals can align with. Your visioning process begins to lay out the map so that when the time comes to set your goals and concrete action steps, they’ll actually get you where you want to go!

One of the simplest ways to access your vision is through daily meditation. It works best if you commit to it as a daily practice, and do it at the same time each day. Simply sit in silence for a period of 15-30 minutes and allow your vision to be revealed to you. As you slow down and allow your mind to get clear and quiet, guidance will naturally start to come through.

Sometimes, it can be helpful to bring some guiding questions into the space of your meditation. Here are some potential questions you can work with…

  • What is most important for me to know about my life’s journey right now?
  • What do I need to see about ______ to take my next step?
  • What project can I start on that is for the greatest good of myself and others?
  • What do I need to see or understand about my greater purpose?

Be sure to have a journal ready to write down any inspiration that shows up!

Step 2: Goal Setting – The Intuitive Way!

Visioning doesn’t stop when goal-setting begins. When you are connecting to higher guidance daily through your meditation practice, visioning is always running in the background, guiding and supporting your goals. This way, goal-setting doesn’t happen from the mental level — and that’s a good thing, because I can tell you from experience that moving toward your goals takes a lot more effort and struggle when it does! When your goals are chosen from a place of intuitive listening, then greater clarity, ease and opportunity open at each step of the way.

Once you are clear on your goals, write them down with specific, measurable outcomes. Here are some tips for writing down and actualizing your goals for maximum impact:

  • Understand Your Goals

Having a clear understanding of the motivation underlying your goal will give you the strength to keep going in moments of difficulty or doubt. Ask yourself how your goal connects to your greater purpose; why you want to achieve it; why it’s important that it happen now; and how it will make you feel when you achieve it. If it’s clarifying for you, you can also ask yourself what would happen if you did not achieve this goal.

  • Feel Your Goals

Write out at least a paragraph on how it would feel to achieve your goal. This will start to build a bridge between where you are right now and the steps you’ll need to take to get where you’d like to go.

  • Take Inspired Action

Once you’ve established your goals with understanding and feeling, it’s time to take action toward making them reality. Trust the guidance you’re receiving and let your actions be driven by your intuition, not your thoughts or preconceptions around what you “should” do.

Start with a small, immediate step — one that feels easy and accessible. This generates momentum and a felt sense of progress. Remember that the only way great change happens is through the accumulation of many small steps, so just find ways to continue moving forward and expanding. And be sure to regularly celebrate your progress and review your goals to help you keep track of your journey!

  • Create Accountability

I know it can feel frightening or intimidating to share your goals. The mind comes up with all kinds of reasons not to… “What if I don’t achieve them?” “What if I can’t do it?” “Then what will people think?” Sharing your goals makes it that much more likely that you WILL achieve them, though! Sharing them will keep you accountable. Even more than that, once you make a declaration out loud to someone else, you’ve made a deeper commitment to making it happen. It’s already started to exist outside of you, and now you’re that much closer to making it materialize. So go ahead and share your goals with a supportive friend or colleague and make plans to check in regularly on progress. You’ll be amazed at what happens!

Step 3: Visualization – Changing Your Life in 68 Seconds/Day

Now that you have your goals, it’s time to visualize living those goals in the present moment. According to Abraham Hicks’s book, “Ask and It Is Given,” if you hold a thought for just 68 seconds, that thought becomes dominant and the manifestation process begins. Because what you focus on expands, this technique allows you to be much more focused and deliberate in what you want to create, and it also accelerates and strengthens the manifestation process.

I suggest applying this 68 second visualization technique once daily toward each goal you’re working on. Get as imaginatively detailed as possible, with all your senses and emotions — see it, feel it, envision it as if you were doing it here and now exactly the way you want to be doing it!

Trust In The Process!

There’s a beautiful trust mantra that I encourage you to often state, particularly if you are feeling stuck or discouraged:

I am confident that I can do this, even though I don’t know how. I will be shown the way as I walk into the unknown.

Trust is essential. When you are stuck in your head, doubting what you more deeply feel and know to be true but can’t yet see, or artificially forcing your actions, it’s easy to become derailed. If you keep working with the steps I outlined above, you will start to experience progress beyond what you’ve ever imagined.

Connect with your vision. Set and refine your goals. Visualize living those goals… And keep taking inspired action toward achieving them while reinforcing your trust in the process by repeating the mantra!

Visioning is the driving force. Access that power and what you strive to achieve will be aligned with who you truly are. It will ensure the goals you SAY you want are the ones you ACTUALLY want, and it will support you create a life you love in alignment with you who truly are.

Wishing you much inspiring success!



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