Staying In Possibility Is A Discipline

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.†~ R. Buckminster Fuller

How are YOU doing?
That might sound like a very complex question, set against all that is happening in life! It is certainly easy to view our country, our world, and our humanity as not meeting our expectations, and certainly not our ideals.

Believe me, my nervous system can get rattled sometimes, and I know I’m not alone.

But what if we pause for a moment and consider that we truly don’t know what will happen? What if the ship isn’t doomed to sink? Things could turn around quickly. (They HAVE in the past!) There may yet be hope.

Standing in this place of mystery allows us to hold the space of possibility. This is the potential upside of “not knowing!â€
Staying in this mindset of possibility is the antidote to the experience of fear and hopelessness. It also keeps your nervous system calm enough so you can start seeing what actions you can take to realize those possibilities.

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Hope is a discipline. Said another way, staying in a mindset of possibility is a discipline.
This is why it is essential to find ways to remain in this mindset of possibility.
And, what sustains this mode is taking actions that give life to the possibilities!
For example, you may envision wanting to acknowledge your clients in a way that is inspirational for you (and for them too!). The action could be scheduling an in-person client appreciation gathering.

So how do we practice this discipline?

How do we keep our focus and consciousness on what is life-giving?

First of all, we need to make self-care a priority.

This is not selfish. It is not indulgent. It is vital. Otherwise, our nervous systems are in constant fight or flight, which serves no one. If we sink into resignation and despair, nobody is helped.

Many people are counting on YOU to be that space of HOPE, that beacon of light, so let’s focus on keeping ourselves aligned, vibrant, and, against all odds, living in hope and in the mindset of possibility.

Here are some practices to stay connected to “what’s possibleâ€, and to create clarity about the next appropriate actions.

  1. Meditation – ideally first thing in the morning before you do anything. This calms your nervous system and promotes a more positive head and heart space.
  2. Avoid spending lots of time regarding the news. It’s tempting to follow what’s happening minute by minute, but all this does is keep us in anxiety, fear, and in the prevailing view of reality. Trust that if you need to know something, you’ll hear it, so be kind to your nervous system and give it a break.
  3. Move your body, ideally in nature. Exercise is naturally mood-elevating. It also frees us from paralysis that comes from fear and anxiety. Being in nature connects us with something larger than ourselves.
  4. Prioritize rest. Do what you can to get your 8 hours of sleep. Nap if you can. Restore your energy.
  5. Gratitude. Notice all the ways in which you have a blessed life. Write them down.

I encourage you to make these non-negotiable.

With love,

1 thought on “Staying In Possibility Is A Discipline”

  1. Thank you for these very important reminders on how to stay open to possibility and hope in our lives. With so much vying for our attention these days, it can be a challenge to have that mindset that is needed if we want to stay “sane” and thrive! I’ve certainly been working on not spending too much time on the news…and I can still curb it even more, so I appreciate this “practice” you recommend.
    I also have allowed myself to drift away from my mediation practice and am committed to getting back on track.
    For me, it’s not about meditating X amount of time, but simply the consistency of doing some form of inner focus time-whether it’s sitting quietly, doing some “Tapping/EFT” or self-hypnosis–or even a walking meditation…it all is important time to reflect, re-energize and most importantly, re-connect within.
    Thanks, Rita for all your words of wisdom!

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