Segment Intending

As those of you who have worked with me know, I have been teaching 3 practices I engage in every morning that I consider to be “non-negotiable†in setting myself up to have a powerful and miraculous day; one where I experience being in the flow!

These are 1) Meditation – which connects me to my true self and the Divine; 2) Gratitude – which has me be present to the great things already happening in life and reminding me that “whatever you appreciate appreciatesâ€; and, 3) Setting Intentions – which has me focus on creating the outcomes I am intending to have for the day.

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An effective method for setting intentions called is Segment Intending.

The purpose of the Segment Intending Process is to clearly identify and state your intention for a specific period of time or for a specific situation.

Another way of relating to Segment Intending is to think of it as pre-paving an experience you want to have. The Universe will shape itself according to your language. Pre-paving an experience is the opportunity to consciously say how you want it to be.

Segment Intending will also enable you to develop competencies in focusing and conscious intention.

The way to use this process effectively is to stop for a brief time before entering each new segment of your day and set the tone, what you want to accomplish, etc. vs. walking into a segment and observing it as it already is.

Practicing Segment Intending will have you realize that you are the source of your experiences, the creator of all aspects of your life.

As you prepare to enter each segment of your day write down what you are intending to experience/accomplish. Take a moment to be still, connect with your center, and ask yourself the question, “What outcome do I want to have?” You will find that you will be able to access the answer with creativity and ease.

Regarding projects or tasks: Decide how much time you are going to spend on each project or task and work with a timer.

You will be amazed at how much you will accomplish as your mind and your actions get into alignment with your intentions.

Try it and let me know how it goes!

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