The Power and Possibility of Imagination

It’s been about three months since I was in communication, though with everything that’s been going on it feels more like years. I want to begin by letting you know what I’ve been up to.

Since we were last in touch, George Floyd was killed, followed by the explosion of our collective response to racial injustice in the US and beyond. It was clear to me that this was a key place to focus my energy, educate myself, and take action. I immediately joined a book club / discussion group on White Fragility and began to explore my own unconscious racial bias. This led me to studying other books, articles, documentaries, and to engage in vulnerable conversations with my black friends and colleagues. My husband and I speak about it constantly at home. 

Learning the truth about the history of racism in the US pierced through the mythology that I’ve been taught. It was a process that was initially daunting and “heavy,” but it led to openings that let me see where I want to take action and make things better. 

This of course came in addition to what we are all navigating in this pandemic—dealing with fatigue, grief, and attempting to establish a “new normal” amid countless unknowns.

I’ve been making sure to engage in activities that create and maintain resilience. This includes sleeping at least 8 hours a night, getting out of the house to exercise and be in nature, and taking immune-supporting supplements. I’ve also gone deeper into my spiritual practices, spending more time meditating, surrounding myself with beauty, and looking for where I can contribute my gifts and talents. 

If meditation is something you would find valuable, I invite you to join our community that meets each Mon-Fri from 8-8:30 AM PT via Zoom. If you are interested, even to try it out, please click HERE to register.

My husband and I have also been involved in a campaign hand writing postcards to people in the Southern US “swing states”, reminding them to vote in November. In addition to jumping into the race conversation and pumping up self-care, I have found inspiration and hope by taking small actions like these. 

This is a moment in history that calls for imagination and re-invention. It is an opportunity to imagine not only what we want for our own lives and businesses, but what we are creating in the wider world, both individually and collectively. I hope that this message inspires some ideas for how you can engage in making your world a place of beauty, harmony, and justice. 

Much Love, Rita

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