Gratitude Is A State Of Generosity

Gratitude Is A State Of Generosity

This week it feels appropriate to share on a topic that is truly inspirational for me, and one that is central to the principles I share with my clients — Generosity.

Generosity is really about love being expressed through sharing ourselves; our talents, our brilliance, and our gifts with the world.  It means showing up and bringing our presence to as many people as possible. As we do this, those clients and relationships whom we are destined to work with us, and have in our lives, are naturally attracted to our message, who we are and what we have to give.

When we are generous of heart, we are participating in “the giving and taking dance” of the Universe.  And in the spirit of: what we focus upon expands – as we become more and more generous, we attract prosperity, wealth, and satisfaction.

In business, generosity includes being authentic in our marketing, putting ourselves “out there,” making ourselves visible in a BIG way, and making our skills and talents available to those who need us.

It means being appreciative, as much as you can each day, for the many blessings you are attracting in your business and in your life. (Try focusing on these blessings once each hour and see what kind of miracles and ease come your way.)

One extremely POWERFUL practice you can do is this: from the most affirmative place within you, give thanks for ALL the unknown blessings already on their way. In fact, after you create your visions and state your intentions and goals, give thanks to the Universe, expressing TRUST in advance, for the receipt of them.  Let go of the outcome and watch the magic happen.

In gratitude and generosity, I wish you a most thankful and giving Thanksgiving holiday.

With love,


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