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Are you ready to be more prosperous, more successful, and more clear about your purpose than ever before? I'm Rita Hovakimian and I help motivated, savvy entrepreneurs achieve your most spectacular, take-your-breath-away goals. Together we funnel your energy and vision into a clear action plan, embodying powerful, practical business strategies that get results.

Together we will unearth your true mission and make it real!

My strength is seeing who you really are, your deep calling. When that vision is reflected back to you, it opens the door to your power. You discover a more expansive version of yourself.

The key to making that vision a reality is what most entrepreneurs (and business coaches) don’t know how to do: you must align with the spiritual and universal laws that naturally create prosperity.

When you’re operating your business from a spirit-driven place, it’s like drinking from the well. Opportunities just keep show up. 

My practical, proven business strategies give your vision the necessary foundation to thrive. And while you may find some financial success with strategy alone, you will finally unleash the truly bountiful results that are possible when you come into alignment spiritually.

Through the rare combination of concrete business guidance with inspired Divine direction, I teach you to recognize the universal laws at work in your own life, to follow the cues, to expand as only Spirit can. Your business becomes not only a source of material prosperity and soul satisfaction, but a profound gift to humanity.


AWA (Ana Williamson Architect)

"Rita was able to unwrap my company’s great potential by asking the right questions and coaching me through her 7 key prosperity practices model of success. She tapped into several “limiting beliefs” that were hindering my ability to see clearly the true value of what I could build and helped me transform my thinking so I could find the path to self realization, joy and expansion. Her incredible guidance has been key to the complete transformation I have experienced within the last year." 



Rita Hovakimian helps business owners identify what’s holding them back from achieving the level of prosperity and growth they desire. Even successful entrepreneurs making 6-7 figures hit plateaus and need guidance in getting to the next level. Setting goals, strategizing, and planning are all keys to achieving success, but only after releasing the unconscious limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success. Rita works with individuals and groups to embody empowering beliefs that are in alignment with their vision and goals. The result of this approach is more clarity of purpose, freedom, and inspired action toward achieving more than you ever imagined possible.



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Structure Design

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Interior Design

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“Whatever you focus on expands.”


Rita offers several powerful individual coaching options to break through your limitations and propel you and your business to the next level.


Rita has helped thousands of entrepreneurs identify and achieve their goals as an expert guest on radio shows and podcasts, as well as a speaker to live audiences nationwide.


Rita offers many helpful resources that assist them in breaking free of what is limiting their growth, purpose, passion, and success.



The Power of Being Authentic

Are you being the real YOU? Do you know who the real you is? Being authentic is one of the most powerful characteristics of the spiritual principles I use in my work but why is this so important?

Segment Intending

As those of you who have worked with me know, I have been teaching 3 practices I engage in every morning that I consider to be non-negotiable in setting myself up to have a powerful and miraculous day; one where I experience being in the flow!

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