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Are you ready to be more prosperous, more successful, and more clear about your purpose than ever before? I’m Rita Hovakimian and I help motivated, savvy entrepreneurs achieve your most spectacular, take-your-breath-away goals. Together we funnel your energy and vision into a clear action plan, embodying powerful, practical business strategies that get results.

Together we will unearth your true mission and make it real!

My strength is seeing who you really are, your deep calling. When that vision is reflected back to you, it opens the door to your power. You discover a more expansive version of yourself.

The key to making that vision a reality is what most entrepreneurs (and business coaches) don’t know how to do: you must align with the spiritual and universal laws that naturally create prosperity.

When you’re operating your business from a spirit-driven place, it’s like drinking from the well. Opportunities just keep show up. 

My practical, proven business strategies give your vision the necessary foundation to thrive. And while you may find some financial success with strategy alone, you will finally unleash the truly bountiful results that are possible when you come into alignment spiritually.

Through the rare combination of concrete business guidance with inspired Divine direction, I teach you to recognize the universal laws at work in your own life, to follow the cues, to expand as only Spirit can. Your business becomes not only a source of material prosperity and soul satisfaction, but a profound gift to humanity.

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