How Do Energy Leaks Cost You In Your Business And Your Life?

How Do Energy Leaks Cost You In Your Business And Your Life?

In over 24 years of mentoring successful entrepreneurs, small businesses and thought leaders like you, I’ve found one common challenge shared by them all: energy leaks. These leaks go unnoticed by most people but, when left unattended, can be the reason professional success, financial prosperity, and experiencing joy remain just out of reach.

Simply stated, an energy leak is something in your business or life that is draining your energy and pulling you out of alignment with your greater vision, goals and purpose. Whether you’re consciously or unconsciously tolerating these things, energy leaks are holding you back from achieving your full potential. They have to be located and, ultimately, addressed in order to bring yourself back into alignment and to regain your forward momentum and power.

Below are a few examples of circumstances I have helped past clients identify as energy leaks in their businesses and professional lives:

  1. High maintenance clients who are sucking energy from you and your business simply because they are not in alignment with your ideal client profile.
  2. Staff and/or team members that are problematic but who you justify keeping around despite knowing they are dragging down the entire team and limiting your results.
  3. Working in a profession or job that you think you “should” be in vs. choosing a profession that is in alignment with the Divine’s purpose for you
  4. Not setting and holding firmly to boundaries in your business, professional or personal life.

Does this give you an idea of where your energy leaks might be? Every leak has a cost. It could be emotional, energetic, or financial. Either way, whether the leak is a slow trickle or an active flow when you have an energy leak, it always impacts your business and your life.

Whether it’s joy, time or money, the cost of an energy leak is too high.

To restore your energetic integrity and reclaim your power and momentum, you have to get clear on the source of your energy leak (what are you putting up with?), identify the impact it is having (what is it costing you?), and take action to resolve it (how can you eliminate the leak?).

Remember, money is energy. Having an energy leak in your business can cost you tens of thousands of dollars!

With only 2 months left in the year, it’s time to let go of energy leaks, and step into alignment. There is still time to lay the tracks to finish out this year with positive momentum, and set yourself up for your inspiring visions to be realized in 2021.

Join me and other entrepreneurs and business owners on November 13th and 20th for my 2021 Magnetizing Success and Prosperity Planning Intensive: Living the Miraculous and discover how letting go of energy leaks in your business and your life will set you up for an aligned, abundant, easeful and miraculous life.

It really can be that good!

xo Rita

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