2020 Magnetizing Success and Prosperity Planning Intensive

2020 Magnetizing Success and Prosperity Planning Intensive

Happy New Year!

It is SO good to connect with you again.

We had our annual 2020 Magnetizing Success and Prosperity Planning Intensive with 36 participants, consisting of entrepreneurs, owners of small businesses, and professionals in Tiburon, California. The high energy, motivation, and synergy that was present left people inspired, focused, and ready to embody their greatness at a whole new level.

“Living the miraculous” was the intention my clients and I declared in 2019 and there was so much testimony that this declaration is alive and real for everyone.

This year’s declaration is “Embodying our greatness” and everyone is excited (including me!) about what will unfold in the various domains of our lives as we focus on this intention and explore what it means to embody our greatness.

I invite you to engage in this exploration with me this year.

Here are three questions you can ask yourself to begin to access what it means for you to Embody Your Greatness:

  1. What does embodying your greatness look like in your life?
  2. What stops you (or is in the way) from accessing your greatness now?
  3. What structures of support do you see will support you in your greatness?

Let’s be on this journey together of embodying our greatness and have our most amazing life and year together.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you!

Much love, Rita

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