Our Circumstances are a Reflection of our Consciousness

How’s your focus these days? Or perhaps a better question: what are you focused ON lately? How grounded and centered have you been feeling?

If you are like most people, myself included, you’re being pulled by many distractions, from politics to coronavirus and everything in between. You may find yourself experiencing fear, anger and/or powerlessness. Perhaps your inspiring and empowering goals are being drowned out by all the noise. If you look, you may detect an underlying resignation that nothing will really make any difference that overshadows other aspects of your life too.

For myself, I noticed I was doing things I don’t normally do: refreshing news feeds, watching the news on TV, keeping a close eye on the stock market.

I began to notice what was happening. I was getting pulled into the “consensus reality.” And I was doing what most people do: obsessing in a way that was not only pointless, but made everything feel worse.

I chose to “stop the insanity.” Immediately.

As soon as I made that choice, I began to shift my consciousness back to where I knew it had to be: on things that are life-giving – on gratitude, on beauty. I felt myself coming back into alignment, once again in creation mode. Immediately, my mood transformed and my vibration began to elevate. I was back in the presence of life being miraculous!

What allowed me to make this shift so quickly is having cultivated the ability to do so through years of practice focusing my attention.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you are no stranger to the central principle of my work: our circumstances are a reflection of our consciousness. Life unfolds according to where we put our attention. What you focus on expands.

But even when we do live in an elevated space most of the time, we can still slip. I know because it happened to me—someone who is committed to this way of living and teaching it to others!

None of us are immune to the strong pull of negativity, scarcity, and resignation. We have to stay conscious. Especially now.

With things as they are, we who are champions for the upliftment of humanity cannot afford to be pulled down. So how do we keep ourselves in an elevated state?

To keep our attention from being pulled down into the world’s default consciousness – “the way it is,” we have to attend to our practices of gratitude, meditation, and intention setting. We need to remember too that the way we show up, the words we choose, the objects of our focus, what we say yes or no to—all of it is a choice. All of it matters.

It’s appropriate to stay informed about what is happening in life and to take appropriate actions. Just don’t obsess and let yourself be dragged into a black hole. That is the choice we can make.

You know things can be different than just “the way it is.” You’ve seen it. You’ve created it. Now is the opportunity to lean into all you know to do that reminds you of who you are and what you’re up to in life.

I have shared and repeated these same ideas many times, but it feels like a very important moment in history to remind us all about the necessity of keeping our focus on what we’re creating—not just for ourselves, but for our communities and for the world.

With love, Rita

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  1. Thank you Rita. I agree with you completely. In some ways, I find more clarity in times like these because it is finally critical to focus.

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