Intention Setting

Intention Setting

Every morning (before I do anything) I meditate and write in my gratitude journal the 10 things I am deeply grateful for. Following these two practices, I write down my intentions for the day… and I do this throughout the day whenever I am transitioning to something new.

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Setting an intention harnesses the magic of the Universe. When the Universe delivers, you are awakened to the fact that you have the power to create your life. Setting intentions moves you from being a victim to a victor. It paves the way for the experiences you want because the Universe shapes itself according to your language—your word is your wand. YOU get a say in how you want any situation to unfold.

Before you move into a new situation (going into a meeting, going to an event, exercising, meeting a friend/s, etc.), take a moment to close your eyes, be still and connect with your center. Then state your intention by writing down specifically what you want to accomplish.

Maybe you want a contract with one new client or exercise for a certain amount of time or distance, make a certain amount of income, or let go and laugh. Whatever it is, you’ll find the desired outcome happening with ease just by stating it. Establish the habit of setting your intentions and you’ll realize that YOU are the source of your experiences and the creator of all aspects of your life.

Here’s a simple way to begin to practice intention-setting:

  • Take a look at your daily to-do list and decide how much time you’re going to spend on each item.
  • Set the timer and notice how much you’re able to accomplish when your mind and actions are aligned with your intentions.

So…what are the tasks or events scheduled for you today and what are your intentions?

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