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June 11-12, 2021

Why The Right Group Matters!

Why The Right Group Matters!

Surrounding yourself with people who both support and challenge you is vital to your success. There is great power in the synergy that occurs with the right group, and my experience shows me that people gain more traction with their business and personal goals when combined with the intentional support of others. You want to associate yourself with those who share your values and embrace the “potential YOU” so as a group you can help to stretch and inspire each other to achieve all that you can BE and ARE.

Being part of the right tribe is key.

Connecting with a group of high achieving, motivated people is one of the fastest and best ways to pull yourself forward into a higher level of success and prosperity. When you place yourself in an environment with others who are aspiring to go further than they ever have, and are committed to keep expanding, you unconsciously model these mindsets and attitudes and adopt a take-action approach in an inspired and effortless way. You become causal in the matter of your life and any sense of being a victim of circumstance loses its oxygen.

Many people suffer in life because they don’t allow themselves to be supported.

Inviting others in and sharing your challenges requires vulnerability and the courage to admit you don’t already have all the answers. But there is SO MUCH POWER in receiving! When support starts flowing, opportunities show up that you could not have imagined and EVERYTHING becomes more easeful.

Engaging in a powerful community opens you up to new perspectives and possibilities, beyond what you would explore on your own.

You become energized and empowered… and you begin to thrive.

Isolation keeps you in a state of contraction whereas being in community has you access a state of expansiveness… and we are always either expanding or contracting!

Pull yourself forward with the right tribe!

With love,

Xo Rita

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