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June 11-12, 2021

The Desire to Keep Expanding

The Desire to Keep Expanding

I was inspired to write about the desire to keep expanding as I was driving back to San Francisco from Fresno, a couple of years ago, after visiting my elderly aunts-ages 101 and 92.  Except for a small amount of assistance (Auntie Hasmik, the elderly aunt) still lived independently in her own home. “Baby” Auntie Rosa (the 92 year old) is completely independent. I had not seen them in quite a while and had some trepidation about what might await me on my visit.

Happily, I was caught way off guard by what actually happened.

Auntie Rosa exemplifies the human spirit’s desire to want more, regardless of age. She keeps her home spotless, cooks wonderful, complex meals, is physically active, oversees and cares for her older sister and has a VERY curious mind. While Robert and I were visiting her, she was entertaining us with word problems to solve from her Armenian Algebra book…which is likely 70 years old. She, of course, had already worked the problems and knew the answers. At an age when most people begin to think of wrapping things up in life and are essentially waiting to make their transition, Auntie Rosa is planning her next trip to Armenia to stay at her second home that she purchased recently.

My father was the same way. At 92, he learned how to operate a computer and became an avid explorer of the internet. He kept wanting more. To understand more, to learn more, to be more, right up until his passing at 102. Both my Aunt and my Father are examples of the desire to keep expanding. I know you have heard me say this SO many times, but it is a fact: we are either expanding or contracting (stagnating, dying).

We are either acting on Spirit’s prodding to expand and desire more or we are mostly lifeless.

I know I am getting little serious, but you know me by now. I am committed to bringing inspiration into your life without the hype. I will always be honest with you – even if the truth may be hard to say, or hear. And, to be completely forthcoming, sometimes I don’t especially like this concept of constant expansion. I am inspired by it, but in wanting more and expanding, many times I too, am faced with a discomfort. My mind fights to be safe and familiar, even resigned and inert.

However, I CHOOSE to be fully alive and I am deeply committed to this. Our Higher Power has intended for us to keep wanting more and I intend to honor this intention.

I invite you to see where in your life you are allowing fear and resignation to win out over growth and expansion. If it is in your business, take action now and get support from the right mentor or coach who will support you in your up-leveling success. If it is in your relationships, get professional support and see a Marriage or Family counselor. If it is in your relationship with your body, hire a personal trainer.

We are meant to have extraordinary lives until the end and beyond.

Inspire yourself now, live your life to the fullest, and be who you were meant to be!



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