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June 11-12, 2021

It’s Time to Take a Stand

It’s Time to Take a Stand

In these past couple of weeks, I have been sitting with what I wanted to share with you that would be authentic, coming from my soul, right here and now.

Recently, I have been following the national news and reading the New York Times news feed quite  frequently, behavior that is totally uncharacteristic of me. I found myself heading toward hopelessness and resignation, feeling that I as one person didn’t have the power to impact change. I had a harder and harder time accessing my positive, hopeful mindset, which is where I usually reside.

At a certain point, I said enough. I decided that my intention, light, vibrancy and power are my lifeline, and that I had a choice. My choice was and is to take any actions necessary to pull myself out of the mire of “no possibility” and into the miraculous power of inspired creatorship.

There is no more important time to channel and focus our power as creators of the miraculous. We have more power than we think we do. It is essential to remember that, and to UTILIZE IT. To continue to move forward and bring our light, power and passion to the forefront in the face of our grief, anger, hardship, or whatever else may be going on.

It’s time to take a stand in creating your reality. What you focus on will expand and become your new reality.

My calling is to inspire leaders, entrepreneurs and small business owners to have their visions become a reality… and to have it be financially prosperous for them while making a BIG impact. When we focus our creative power on our professional lives and passions, we become the creators of the reality we want to live in, and this is how we tip the balance on the collective scales in what’s happening in our world. I keep doing this in my business, and I’ve made it my life’s work to provide driven, inspired creators like you with the right environment to thrive and magnetize incredible success, with grace and ease.

On November 16-17, I invite you to step into a successful, empowering environment where you will receive expert support to elevate your business and life like never before. You will come together with other impassioned, driven, focused and conscious entrepreneurs who, like you, have dedicated their lives to making positive change and impact by successfully sharing their brilliance in the world.

There is no more important time for you to give yourself the support to take the leap into the next level of your power, passion, and inspired creatorship. In this 2-day intensive, we will envision and design a customized success plan for 2019… The results will be clarity of purpose, joy, and inspired action toward realizing your most miraculous life.

The work we do on ourselves has a powerful impact on the greater collective, and only you can choose to do it for yourself! The 2019 MAGNETIZING SUCCESS AND PROSPERITY PLANNING INTENSIVE is about creating your reality and remembering how powerful you truly are.

Come join me on November 16-17 to create the life you want in the world you want to live in. It’s time for us to start living the miraculous.


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