Is it time for you to get radical?

Is it time for you to get radical?

Greetings to you ~

How are you – I mean how are you really doing? 

My sense is that many of us are somewhat tired, exhausted even. Spending our days on Zooms… impacted by the cumulative stresses of the pandemic and politics over the past year…. It’s been a lot.

I recently returned from a 12-day trip to Maui. 
For the first time in my adult, working life, I did not plan to work on this vacation. No email responses pertaining to work, no drafting my newsletter, no sneaking in a coaching call. Nothing. Just rest and restoration.

This level of self care is radical. And I want us all to give this to ourselves!

To give this trip to myself, to give myself this kind of permission to fully and deeply restore, I had to clear out a lot of my own deeply entrenched beliefs. My inner critic was really loud saying things like “you can’t take a vacation while all of your clients are working so hard; they will judge me” and “you are being so selfish by completely taking time for myself for 12 days”, and on and on. 

But then, my husband said to me, “What if your taking a vacation will be an inspiration to your clients?” That possibility never even occurred to me until he said it. 

Speaking to the part of me that wants to be of service helped me take the leap.

How can I serve you — how can YOU be of service to your clients and communities — if we don’t take this time for ourselves? 

It’s so easy for us, especially western women and men, to sacrifice and wear ourselves thin. But if we want to be successful and happy as business owners, we have to be thoughtful about our energy, attend to how we use it, and how we replenish it.

What internal conversations are stopping you from taking your next action of radical self care?
What is an inspiring possibility you could create to replace your disempowering thought with?

By the way, when I told my clients that I was going to take a vacation in Maui (or when I told them when I got back), I was surprised to find out how excited and inspired they were, as well as being genuinely happy for me. 

So when are you taking that next vacation? When will you make self care a priority again?

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Love, Rita

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