How Do You Reflect on Independence Day?

How Do You Reflect on Independence Day?

This week we celebrate Independence Day for our country.

As some of you know, my mother, Arax Sarianpassed away on Memorial Day of this year at the age of 98 and I find myself reflecting on the power of independence in her life and for all of us.

I am very grateful for the courage and leadership it took to create the Declaration of Independence. The Spirit of America, embodied in the Declaration of Independence, created an environment in our country that allowed my mother (and father) to thrive after their arrival here in 1949. Their personal sense of independence and their drive fit perfectly with the environment in America and allowed for success and prosperity that would not have been possible in 1940s Iran.

A declaration is a bold claim one makes that sets everything in motion to create a new future. It is a vision sourced by a Higher Power, compelling one to be fearless in the face of taking uncomfortable actions to realize this new future. The Declaration of Independence created the Spirit of Independence that allows Americans to thrive.

We can see many examples of fearless leaders making a declaration that were history in-the-making:

  • Gandhi declaring independence from England.
  • The countless declarations that Martin Luther King made in his “I Have a Dream” speech.
  • John F. Kennedy’s declaring that we would reach the moon within the decade.

All these leaders that had the courage to declare something which was not then in existence have contributed to our living in these extraordinary times in history.

I invite you to appreciate the spirit of independence this holiday weekend. Acknowledge and express your gratitude for the freedom and independence we enjoy and the opportunity this gives each of us to create our lives and businesses as an expression of our true selves.

Have a wonderful holiday!


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