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June 11-12, 2021

The Courage to Act

The Courage to Act

Several years ago, my coach and mentor posed a challenge to his clients and program alumni nationwide. I knew that this challenge would be a contest asking us to submit a testimonial in video format. And, to prepare myself, I was expecting and getting ready to share:

  • how my business model dramatically changed
  • how I created a more effortless sales process
  • how much my business had increased by using his methodology

But I was stopped in my tracks when I received the actual rules for the contest. He didn’t want testimonials about how much your income had increased as a result of working with him or how successful you were in your business.

He wanted a testimonial that showed how much more FUN you were having in your business and your life.

Fun? How was I going to show how much fun I was having? I could talk about fun. I could put some story together showing me having fun. But how compelling would that be?

None of the scenarios that were going through my mind around creating this video inspired me. For a time, I was stumped, discouraged, and felt like I had hit a wall. I wanted to participate in the contest and win, but I also wanted to create something authentic that expressed my appreciation.

What to do? I couldn’t think of anything that felt authentic, inspired, creative or FUN.

In the next few days, inspired actions for the video started to come to me during my morning meditation. But those actions scared me and took me way out of my comfort zone. The first message I received was: “this video has to be about you embodying fun.” OK, got it, but how was I going to do that? The next message was: “you are going to be singing the testimonial.” What??!! Are you crazy? I am NOT a singer!

The song “Your Love is Lifting Me Higher” as it was sung by Rita Coolidge kept coming into my head. Even though, as a meditator, I knew that I was supposed to bring my attention back to my breath and not engage in what my mind was manufacturing, my creativity was having a field day and I was loving it!

Once I was inspired and happy that my creativity was in full force, a vision started to form. But then I had to deal with my mind. Who did I think I was singing publicly? What would people think of me?

The contest format required posting our videos on YouTube where people could see them and vote. I would be putting myself out to be judged by the world.

But taking “imperfect action” and “being who you are” is one of the tenets of my life and my work. The vision was clear. All I needed was the courage to act on it. I decided to go for it. It didn’t matter to me anymore what people thought or even if I was going to win. I was doing this for myself and my own breakthrough.

I called on support from friends and colleagues who helped me to put the logistical pieces together and encouraged me to keep going. And, as it turned out, the process of making the video catapulted me to a new level of self-confidence and appreciation for who I am. What I learned was to trust the vision that is revealed to you and have the courage to act on it. The vision supports you in being MORE of who you are!

Below is the link to my short 3 minute video – the finished product of my vision, and the action I took to follow through.


My hope is that this story inspires YOU to connect with your vision and take inspired action today…something that takes you out of your comfort zone.

xo, Rita

P.S.  And yes, I did wind up winning the contest! The prize was a Private VIP session with my mentor in Breckenridge, Colorado. xoxo

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