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Attracting Prosperity: Key Practice #7 Connecting With Your Joy

Attracting Prosperity: Key Practice #7 Connecting With Your Joy

Joy.ProsperityToday I’m sharing the 7th and last of my Key Practices for Attracting Prosperity: Connecting With Your Joy.

It can be easy for us overlook this practice, or deny ourselves things that bring joy into our lives. In order to achieve success, we tend to focus on working hard, solving problems and we can find ourselves burning the candle at both ends. There is a tendency to postpone the things that bring joy until AFTER all our work is done, which sometimes feels like never!

When you engage in activities that bring joy, it allows for abundance and ease. You become more connected to who you truly are. If you’ve ever experienced being in the “zone” or a state of flow, you’re in your joy. When in a state of joy, the Universe lines up with you, opening doors and revealing opportunities.

So, what brings you joy? For me, when I am dancing I feel my body, mind and spirit connected. It fills me up and I feel alive and filled with joy.

Your mission for this week: start a “Joy List.” Write down everything that makes you joyful… from the simple to the extravagant. Every time you discover something new, add it to the list. Then begin to incorporate these things into your life. Acknowledge each activity as a source of joy and express gratitude for it (another Key Practice).

I invite you to comment below and share with me one thing that brings you joy. Another of my greatest sources of joy is serving others. I hope this list of 7 Key Practices has given you the tools and inspiration to start attracting prosperity NOW. It’s not elusive, but it does take dedication. Next week I will summarize all seven for you.


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