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June 11-12, 2021

Attracting Prosperity: Key Practice #5 Registering Accomplishments

Attracting Prosperity: Key Practice #5 Registering Accomplishments

Accomplishments.ProsperityToday I’m introducing the 5th Key Practice for Attracting Prosperity.

While reviewing the “5 Key Practices” for this series of messages, I realized that there were two additional ones that are valuable and that I have been engaged with, so I have expanded the list in this set of emails to include 7 KeyPractices. Stay tuned for the remaining two! 

Key Practice #5: Registering Accomplishments

One thing I have learned about people is that we are “wired” to focus on what is missing or not working, rather than on all the great and wonderful things that are present. We often ignore or take for granted what has been done and what is working. The essence of this practice is to shift our focus towards all that is working and being accomplished. This shift is a key to having your intentions and goals met with ease.

Focusing on our accomplishments moves us from the automatic scan we tend to run in our minds about what we didn’t do – it interrupts our negative patterns and shifts our thinking…. and our feelings.

Focusing on what’s missing comes from scarcity, whereas celebrating successes is rooted in abundance. You get to choose each time you set your focus.

Every morning after I meditate, I write down what I’m grateful for, my daily intentions and my accomplishments from the previous day. These can all be done in one place, or you can keep a separate “Celebration Log”.

I call this register a “celebration log” because it is a place for you to record and celebrate the results you are producing as you progress toward your goals.

Most people wait to celebrate after they reach their goal (if then!) but the secret is to celebrate as often as possible along the journey, not just at the end.

Capturing your daily accomplishments will train your brain to scan for what’s working in your life vs. what is not.

Accomplishment.ProsperityCelebrating your accomplishments from a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) perspective lights up your neurology and here is a big key – your neurology does not know the difference between a little success and a big success!

As you know, whatever you focus upon expands, so consistently acknowledging your successes attracts even more success…and prosperity. This practice also works to quickly shift you out of any negative state in which you may find yourself.

The next two practices I will write about over the coming weeks are more action-oriented, and I look forward to sharing them with you. In the meantime, buy yourself a beautiful journal and commit to recording these things daily:
• 10 Things I am Grateful For
• My Intentions
• My Results and Accomplishments

I invite you to share one success from this past week that you are proud of. Please comment and let me know what it is! No success is too small to celebrate.


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