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Attracting Prosperity: Key Practice #4 Generosity

Attracting Prosperity: Key Practice #4 Generosity

Generosity.ProsperityI am especially excited to be sharing with you a practice of mine that is one of my favorite keys for attracting prosperity: “Generosity.”

Generosity is about freely giving of your talents, time and treasure (e.g. money). Being of service and giving from your heart leads to greater prosperity. Many people get caught up in a “scarcity mindset” that leads them to believe that there are finite resources and therefore if they give some of their resources away, there will be less for them.

Actually the opposite is true. When you are generous with your resources, you activate a law that states, “if you give, really take action from a giving consciousness, you must receive”. Giving is the antidote to scarcity.

Generosity is one of the keys to opening up the channels of prosperity. Be generous with your money, your love, your time, your skills and your material possessions. When revenues are not what you’d like, this is the ideal time to look for places to be generous. This keeps you in the prosperity flow where more goodness keeps coming your way.

There is a big difference between giving unconditionally and giving in order to get. Giving with the expectation of something in return is not usually an act of generosity, even if all you expect is acknowledgment or accolades. The beautiful thing about generosity is that when you DO give from your heart, the Universe gives back. Again, abundance has no limits.

The same is true in the reverse: it is powerful to receive with grace and gratitude. If someone gives from their heart, embrace the gift without insisting on the need to reciprocate. Exercise your receiving muscle. Consider that this is an act of giving to yourself. Don’t leave yourself out of the receiving stream! Some people tend to over-give and burn out, so be generous with yourself. YOU are part of this equation.

Generosity doesn’t flow from an empty vessel. 

One of my favorite things to do is to give 10% of my gross income to places I am called to give, that feed me spiritually. This is a practice I began 17 years ago, and I believe it is why I have a prosperous life. I don’t give as a result of my prosperity, my giving results in my prosperous life.

Giving.Prosperity“Generosity is its own reward,” Robert L. Weinberg, Ph.D. 

As you decide each day to give from an authentic place, with no strings attached, you will experience inner peace and security. I promise you that! In my opinion, this is the best reward for being generous.

It is when we look for those qualities outside of us—in the material world—that we’re left with a thirst that will never be quenched. The act of generosity “fills you up”  and replaces the “not enough-ness” in life.

What act of generosity will you perform today? What will you give of yourself? I hope you will leave a comment and let me know.


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