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Attracting Prosperity: Key Practice #2 Gratitude

Attracting Prosperity: Key Practice #2 Gratitude

Gratitude.ProsperityIf you only do ONE thing daily to attract more goodness and prosperity in your life, make it the practice of gratitude. Expressing what you’re grateful for tells the universe how appreciative you are for what you have, instead of focusing on what you lack. And a fundamental principle of the law of attraction states that “whatever you focus on expands.”
Appreciation is defined as “increasing in value.” When you are in a state of gratitude, you actually energize all that you appreciate. What you appreciate, appreciates!

Gratitude follows the first key practice of meditation (which I mentioned last week) for a reason. Meditation grounds you, helping you focus on and connect with a presence greater than yourself. It puts you in a field where you become an attractor for abundance, goodness and prosperity. It sets the stage for the remaining practices.

Right after my meditation, which I do every morning when I get out of bed, I pull out my gratitude journal and write 10 things I’m grateful for. Some people do this practice in their head, but writing them down can be more impactful, and I even have a special way I structure them:

I am deeply grateful for X because _________________________.

This approach deepens the practice because you’re not only expressing the what, but also the WHY. You can be grateful for a beautiful home, the warmth of the sun on your body or for one of your service providers….. but why? Does beauty bring you joy? Are you nurtured? Empowered? Valued? Taking that extra step establishes your being in a state of gratitude in a sustained way. 

Now let’s apply the practice of gratitude specifically to money. The exercise below has you focus on a more positive approach (which might be very different with how you generally relate to money!). I encourage you to do this as much as possible and I guarantee you that you will have money miracles. Do it as part of your daily gratitude journal, while in the moment, or both!

Express gratitude for:

  • All the money you have (money in your wallet, bank accounts, investments… EVERYTHING)
  • All the money you are/will be receiving (salary, invoice payments, etc.)
  • Your material possessions (home, car, clothes, artwork, gadgets, etc.)
  • The bills you get to pay

That last one may sound strange, but yes, express gratitude for the bills you GET to pay. Electricity makes our lives more comfortable, so express gratitude as you pay for it. Having employees or vendors or service contractors is a blessing, so thank them as you write the check.

You can focus on lack or you can focus on abundance. You get to choose, so which one will it be?

In Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach, she beautifully states:

“You simply will not be the same person two months from now after consciously giving thanks each day for the abundance that exists in your life. And you will have set in motion an ancient spiritual law: the more you have and are grateful for, the more will be given to you”.

I look forward to hearing your comments, and the miracles I know you will be attracting from being in a state of gratitude.


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