Are you ready to Upgrade your Prosperity OS?

Are you ready to Upgrade your Prosperity OS?

The truth is…when we align ourselves with who we truly are, possibilities are infinite. We are an attractor for living the miraculous. But aligning ourselves isn’t always easy. Why? Because our limiting beliefs block that flow. They leave us with a narrower view of the world and all that is available to us. Identifying your limiting beliefs, and then designing and installing beliefs that are in alignment with who you truly are, liberate you from a scarcity mindset…and open the door to an expansive, prosperous life!

We live our lives based on a particular operating system, much like a computer. We are smart enough to know that when our devices slow down or stop working properly, they often require us to perform an update or an upgrade.

But how do we upgrade our own “operating system” to keep up with increasing demands and challenges from daily life, or the expanding dreams and goals we envision for ourselves?

Looking specifically at your relationship with money – consider the possibility that your relationship with money is a highly visible indicator of the degree of our alignment with life.

Perhaps you recognize that you are still operating with some of these “programs” or conversations:

  • I’ve achieved a certain amount of success, but I’ve reached a plateau and feel stuck and don’t know how to get to that next level.
  • I want to believe the universe will provide for me, but deep down I’m not convinced.
  • I’m afraid if I raise my rates, clients and customers will disappear.
  • I have to work hard to make money.
  • Money is for other people, not me. It is not really important.
  • I can’t Expect to be prosperous in this economy.
  • I don’t have what it takes to make a lot of money; I’ll never be rich.
  • Rich people are (fill in the – negative – blank).

We HAVE the technology to UPGRADE your personal operating system, by transforming your limiting beliefs and elevating your consciousness.

If you know it is time for YOU to give yourself a powerful upgrade, we would love you to join us at the Wealthy Mind and Prosperity Consciousness Intensive.

Below is a short story of someone who took this opportunity and completely changed their life. Enjoy!

Much love, Rita

P.S: Feel free to share with anyone you feel may benefit from their own upgrade. xoxo

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