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June 11-12, 2021

7 Key Elements of a Success Mindset

7 Key Elements of a Success Mindset

145394958063754Here are seven of the most powerful success mindset elements that I have identified to create success and financial prosperity in your business and your life.

  1. Your word is law in the universe: every word we speak and write is creating how our world shows up for us, so we must be absolutely impeccable and deliberate with our words.
  1. Knowing that you are the creator of your own reality regardless of any circumstances.  By believing this with every fiber of your being, you take responsibility for your actions and how you show up in the world.
  1. Whatever you focus on will expand. This is an age-old Law of Attraction principle. Your goal is to put your attention on what YOU want to expand and to avoid negativity and drama.
  1. A Higher Power is the source of your supply. Whether you name this source God, Universal Mind, Source Energy or just “The Universe”, having faith that this power will come through for you puts you in the mindset of abundance vs. scarcity.
  1. Demonstrating gratitude. If you live your life as a blessing and get in the habit of blessing everything because everything in your life is a gift, you are displaying gratitude. Go on an appreciation rampage– it creates a state of generosity and puts you an “abundance zone” where you attract more success and goodness.
  1. Know that you are connected to a Universal Power. You can access any information you want. You just need to do is ask! I really love this. All you need to do is be still, ask a question or make a request and wait for this power to deliver.
  1. Know that you cannot do this in isolation. Being in community with others who know anything is possible regardless of circumstances is a place you both give and receive support for expansion while preventing the contraction of isolation.

xo Rita

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  1. thank you Rita, I loved the content of the 7 key elements of a successful mindset- it was a nice reminder!

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