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June 11-12, 2021

3 Year Business Vision (Creating from the Future)

3 Year Business Vision (Creating from the Future)

When creating a vision or goals, most people create from the present into the future. In working this process with hundreds of people, I have found that creating from the future is powerful and yields faster results.

This process is done ideally with eyes closed, connecting with your breath for about a minute and having someone guide you. However, if you don’t have this opportunity, then read through the exercise, answer the questions and create your story from the future. Have fun!

3 Year Business Vision (Creating from the Future)  

It is January 31, 2019. You are reflecting on the past three years and noticing all that you have accomplished in your business. Allow you intuition and inner guidance to take you on a journey. Your successes are already in your subconscious.

Write a story that captures your successful outcomes. Some items you may wish to include are: what kinds of clients you served (e.g. loyal, appreciative, grateful), your client’s responses (raving fans?), referrals that occurred, gross revenues, support staff and infrastructures that helped you achieve your goals (e.g. website, data base increase, actions taken to market yourself-online and off line, how you organized your environment), time blocking and time management, strategic partnerships established and cultivated, time out to work ‘on the business’ through coaching and mentorship, support and accountability structures, etc.

Have fun creating your inspiring story and feel free to post it on our blog site! Remember when you put out your declared intentions publicly they will manifest expeditiously. This has certainly been my experience!

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