May is a magical month!

May is a magical month!

Despite all the disruption and feeling the world’s fear and turbulence, you may notice that Life is still doing her thing—rather powerfully, in fact, now that human activity has slowed, pollution has decreased, and the natural world is being given more space to breathe. Spring has arrived. The ground is thawing. Things are sprouting, hatching, growing, coming to life.

But even with all this in the background—or maybe even because of it—the arrival of May has enlivened me. Energy has been freed up and new pursuits are being revealed and getting off the ground.

Yes, right now it is a time of loss, death, grief, stress, and disruption for so many… but it’s not only that. In the midst of the chaos, much is being dismantled. Old systems that are rooted in fear are simply not able to hold the enormity of what is going on. They are being rendered obsolete. We can see this occurring on a global level and, if we tune in, can perhaps see it happening in ourselves, too.

I invite you to connect with the parts of your own life that are being dismantled right now—both on the surface (routines, plans, pursuits), as well as beneath it (ideas, beliefs, resentments, habits of attention). What sort of fertile soil is being created by all that is decaying, and what kernel of possibility is being planted within it? Better yet, what seed of possibility do you feel called to plant?

As much as we may wish it, life is not going to return to ‘normal’ (whatever that is) any time soon. In fact, it will never be exactly as it was. This time is an era of human history that is leading us somewhere brand new. Can you let yourself feel the mystery of that, and the promise? Can you orient your attention toward it, and tend to your own garden of possibility so that something new will eventually grow?

These days are not without challenge, but they are plenty full of magic too.

Let yourself be amazed!

With love, Rita

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