Having the Audacity to Envision an Inspiring Life… and World

Having the Audacity to Envision an Inspiring Life… and World

Lately, I have been thinking a great deal about a paradoxical question for people like myself who empower people, and for coaches and leaders for whom our life’s work is to help others be an open attractor to life’s goodness. Here’s the question: How can we reconcile our firm commitment that each of us can create our own powerful reality, with the undeniable fact that our society contains structures that also produce inequality.

There is no denying that there are systems in place that operate differently for people of color than for white people.

Now, I have worked hard to get to where I am. I made essential core changes and discoveries and built up my life from the challenges that I was born into. I have practiced the principles of universal spiritual laws of prosperity for over 20 years. In my heart of hearts, I know the results of these prosperity laws are available to anyone who will diligently work them.

So how do I reconcile my awareness of the absolute truth of these spiritual principles with my recognition of existing systems that disenfranchise others?

We do have to continue to dismantle discriminatory systems. I personally feel this call and commitment. And I believe we will be empowered to do so because the shift required is a reflection of a different consciousness, one that has been growing among human beings at an accelerated rate in recent years.

Inequality, scarcity, and power over others do not live in this new consciousness.

Creating the needed shift in consciousness is the work I do on myself, and it is the field I hold for others to also do this work: to experience this awakening and access this power.

My clients and I excavate limiting belief systems, uproot disabling patterns, and create an empowered reality in alignment with who we truly are, accessing our unique purposes in this lifetime.

While the work of making change in our world is critical, I firmly believe that it will be our shifting of our own and collective consciousness to one of prosperity and abundance that will allow for the real-world changes that need to happen.

All sides, from the left to the right, etc… all tell stories to ourselves.

Each of us can examine our stories to discover where we have been reinforcing limiting beliefs, or telling a narrative of victimhood, vs. choosing a narrative of possibility and empowerment. We can choose — each day.

Doing this work creates prosperity in our lives. If you shift your mindset, you are going to be an attractor for abundance and the miraculous-ness of the Universe. Our upliftment, as well as the upliftment of others, depends on which story we choose.

My mentors taught me that the Divine wants each of us to be happy, prosperous, and healthy. Is it possible that this truth only holds for people of privilege? Can only a select group of people live the miraculous? I don’t think so!

We can all be living the miraculous as we work towards creating a more just and abundant world. If everyone wakes up to this consciousness, the structures that perpetuate inequity can be dismantled. As we have increasingly seen over the past year, this cultural shift is already in progress.

We can bring our focus to the world that we want to create for ourselves and others. We can shift our beliefs around seeming limitations.

I want to support you to create your own reality, an enlightened reality, where you can do your inner work, heal, and thrive, and create an equitable and just world that is the reflection of this heavenly consciousness.

We are being called upon to acknowledge the reality we live in and to simultaneously keep the vision that we are dreaming of as our guiding light to keep moving forward.

As each of us keeps trusting, having faith, and taking actions towards the future we are dreaming of, our businesses, our lives, and a whole world that works for the benefit of everyone is coming into form.

Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities in the belief change work that allows people to make a shift in consciousness at a deep, personal level.

I hope you will join me.

Xo Rita

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