Private Diamond Coaching Program

Expanding the Abundance Paradigm

I am inviting you to join my Private Diamond Coaching Program: Expanding the Abundance Paradigm.

This program is designed for you to have intensive one-on-one access to me and to keep you focused by taking leveraged actions to achieve your business and personal goals from a place of grace and ease.

My Private Diamond Coaching Program is for already successful people who are committed to making a quantum leap in their business next year and beyond. I will work with your limiting beliefs, and the energy leaks in your business and make sure that your business decisions are in alignment with your ideal clients and staff so that you are consistently moving in the direction of expanded success, prosperity, and joy.

Program Outcomes include the following:

  • You will have a clear strategy and inspired plan to implement your business vision and goals into reality

  • You will learn how to magnetize opportunities that are in alignment with your true purpose

  • You will develop a powerful place to stand for the value you provide your clients and charge what you are worth

  • You will learn how to design and make proposals and offers that empower you (feels good!) and have you be more financially prosperous

  • You will embody new empowering beliefs that will translate into more abundance and eliminate scarcity as a way of being

  • You will experience more joy and happiness!

Your Private Diamond Coaching Program includes the following elements:

  • 2 Private VIP Days

  • 10 One-on-One Coaching Calls or in-person sessions with Rita

  • Accountability structure customized to support you

  • A Breakthrough Coaching Day with the Horses

  • Priority email and text access to Rita

  • 3 Bonus Laser Coaching Sessions as needed

  • Participation in any 2023 public offerings

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