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June 11-12, 2021

What’s the Difference between Divine Visioning, Visualization and Goal Setting?

I am a strong believer in setting goals and visualizing them. From my own experience, using the practical tool of goal setting and practicing the elegant technique of visualization can help us expand and grow in our business and our life.  But they will fall short without first setting aside the time for Divine Visioning.

Most people confuse these 3 different concepts: Setting goals, Visualization and Divine Visioning. They are, in fact, substantially different.

Goal setting, which involves making a list of outcomes we want to accomplish in the future in a linear and focused way, results in measurable and specific outcomes.  We outline the steps to reach our goal within a time frame and take action.  This is a powerful tool that stresses “doing”, when we know what we want to accomplish, such as introducing a new business program.

Visualization is a technique for creating in our thoughts the mental equivalent of “what” we want to happen, as if it were already so. Law of Attraction enthusiasts and NLP practitioners (including me!) promote the use of visualization, because they know that by placing ourselves in the sensory and emotional experience of our goal, we are then more capable of generating the emotions and mindsets that go with being there. This creates the vibrations that attract that event, thing, or goal we want to manifest in reality.

Goal setting and visualization have in common that they are focused on our own human desires. They are driven by our own ideas of what we want to happen or accomplish.

Divine Visioning, however, is driven by Spirit. Divine Visioning involves opening ourselves to allow messages regarding a specific outcome to come through Spirit and to unfold through Spirit’s guidance in our lives.

In Divine Visioning, our work is to be open to allow the “divine download” or the ideas and direction that come from Spirit. Unlike goal setting and visualization, we do not have a preconceived or specific “what” we want to happen because it isn’t about our wants, but about our divine purpose being expressed in our lives. When we vision this way we become a channel through which a spiritual creative process occurs.

Goal setting is a tool, visualization a technique, but “visioning is a process by which we train ourselves to be able to hear, feel, see and catch God’s plan for our life or for any particular project we’re working on”, says Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith.

By opening up to literally an infinite array of possibilities that we may never have considered, Divine visioning is a way we can live our soul’s purpose with excitement, grace and courage.

There are several ways to engage in Divine Visioning process, including sitting quietly in meditation or prayer, journaling, or finding someone who can create the condition for your Divine Vision to emerge.

I look forward to hearing what you discover.

To Your Inspired Success!

With love,


xo Rita

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