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June 11-12, 2021

What is Your Capacity for Being Present to Your Wins, Successes & Accomplishments?

What is Your Capacity for Being Present to Your Wins, Successes & Accomplishments?

At work and in our personal lives, all too often we see what’s broken, what’s not working, we assign blame, create solutions and then move on to the next task that needs our attention.


We are often severely lacking in acknowledgement and appreciation of what’s working, how far we’ve come, and instead, we only look at what we can and need to do now.


It’s almost like we can’t tolerate the good news. We’ve trained ourselves to find the gaps, the holes, the things still not accomplished.  We’re always striving for excellence to be better. Striving for excellence is great, admirable and a sign of a true leader.


I’m not and in any way advocating losing this important piece of our humanity.


But how is your capacity for being present to your wins, successes, accomplishments? I mean, really.


One of the most powerful laws of the Universe is that like attracts like
. When we take the time to recognize our accomplishments and offer gratitude to those who have contributed to our success, it creates a sense of joy and enthusiasm about our success.


And guess what? Like is attracted to like!  When you celebrate your accomplishments, you attract more success in magical ways to celebrate. Really, that’s how it works.  You just have to take the time to acknowledge them.


Yes, the gap, the blame, the what to do next, will still be there.  The magic is in working the goodness.  Do that on a regular basis and as a regular business practice, and I promise you will not only see results, but also experience living in a state of abundance.


Think of it as the cosmic scales of justice. You’ve got to do the work of balancing the scales because we are most likely wired for acknowledging the down side. Do the work you need to do to celebrate your accomplishments and offer gratitude and watch the miracles abound.

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