How do you know if you are enough?

How do you know if you are enough?

Rita and Amadeus

As many of you know, one of my great passions is working with horses. One thing I love about working with them is that they can sense when something is not in alignment in us or in the world around us. They are sensitive to this misalignment, and patiently wait for us to come back into balance as our authentic selves. 

Horses mirror us. They reflect our grounded-ness and our inconsistencies.  For example, if you are driven, and want to maneuver a horse in a driven way, the horse might let you know that the more effective way to maneuver him/her is to first be completely present with yourself; now the horse feels connected to you, trusts you and welcomes your next direction with more ease.  

For me, working with horses helps me and my clients to see ourselves more clearly and I often receive intuitive messages relayed to me.  On my recent trip to Medicine Horse Ranch, I received two specific and related messages as I worked with the horse Amadeus. 

Just Being is sufficient.

Rest and enjoy the beauty of your harvest.

All my life I’ve been working and creating and doing. I’ve been driven to grow, expand and always take myself and my work to the next level. The insight that I received from working with Amadeus was that I’ve reached a place where It’s time to rest here now and enjoy the fruits of my labor. It’s time to enjoy my harvest and to relish what I’ve done with my life

In life, in the US, we mostly value doing more than we value being. We don’t come from a place of “This is enough.” There is always a sense that we need to do more. We don’t value rest – and just being. Once one goal is complete, we immediately move onto the next goal, and don’t give ourselves time to rest and appreciate what we’ve done. 

Horses spend a lot of time resting and are efficient with their energy. They conserve their energy, so it is ready to be used when needed. 

If humans were more in alignment, we’d rest when we need to rest, and just be, and enjoy what we’ve harvested, and the fruits are our labor.  With our tanks filled up, then we would naturally go out and do what’s next. Perhaps what emerges would be different than what we expected. Maybe what’s next for us is to focus on our health, or that creative project that we’ve put on the backburner for so long. 

There is something powerful about relishing your accomplishments, acknowledging and honoring where you have come from, and what you have done.

In my upcoming 2 day intensive in November, the first thing that we will do is register our accomplishments — in all of the domains of our lives. Before we go into designing what’s next, we relish and appreciate how far we have come. From there, we are inspired to design from a place of what you’ve already accomplished, from a place where you are ready. 

What if we allowed our “being-ness” to inform our “doingness”? 

I invite you to join me and others in creating a life of inspiration, magic, prosperity, and fulfillment in my 2022 Magnetizing Success and Planning Intensive: Living the Miraculous on November 5-6, 2021.

In the meantime, take a moment today and enjoy the vista of your life. Look at where you’ve come from, and where you are right now. What hurdles have you overcome, what doors have you helped open, how have you grown, where have you changed. Breathe in the beauty of what you’ve already accomplished.

And remember…who you are right now is enough.

Love, Rita


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