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June 11-12, 2021

How Charging More Benefits You and Your Clients

How Charging More Benefits You and Your Clients

I have been coaching for more than 20 years. In that time, I have discovered something very important: the higher ones fees are, the more committed the clients are to the engagement, and the more committed the service provider is to serving them in every possible way.

I know it can feel scary when it comes time to quote our fees, whether verbally or in a proposal. We often try (in vain) to predict what someone can or cannot pay, will or will not pay, and then determine our fees based on this. To stand behind your pricing, the pricing you know you should be charging, is a courageous act. It enables your clients to step up to the outcomes they say they are committed to. AND, it is my experience that our clients are more committed when the stakes are higher.

Consider this: money is energy. And that energy is abundant. Money is an exchange of energy between the provider and the recipient. This energy exchange is a sacred act. If you undercharge, you are diminishing the sacredness of this energy exchange. You will not only feel resentful, but you may find your clients do not value the contribution you’re making to them.

How many times have you undercharged, given your services away, or over-delivered, and were not appreciated for your efforts? How many times have you bent over backward for a client, only to have them treat you disrespectfully or unappreciatively?

It is my belief that before we can authentically stand for the value of our work and command the fees we know we deserve, we first have to ensure our relationship with money is one of power and harmony. Our relationship with money – and what we charge for our services – directly correlates to our self worth.

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