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June 11-12, 2021

Goal-Setting and Visualization Start With Visioning

Goal-Setting and Visualization Start With Visioning

visionGoal-setting, visualization and visioning are related, yet substantially different concepts that many people confuse.

I am a strong believer in setting goals and visualizing them. From my own experience, the practical tool of goal-setting combined with the elegant technique of visualization can help us expand and grow in our business and our life. But those two aren’t enough; it starts with visioning.

Goal-setting is a tool, visualization a technique, but “visioning is a process by which we train ourselves to be able to hear, feel, see and catch the Universe’s plan for our life or for any particular project we’re working on,” says Rev. Dr.  Michael Beckwith.

Visioning is key.

Setting goals involves making a list of measurable outcomes you want to accomplish within a certain time period, usually in a linear and focused way. It is a powerful tool that stresses “doing.” Once you know the outcome you want, you are able to take specific actions toward achieving it.

This is a technique for mentally creating what you want to happen—as if it were already so. Visualization places you in the sensory and emotional experiences of your goals, where you are more capable of generating the mindset and feelings associated with already being there. If you imagine yourself already living your goals, you’re able to better manifest them in reality.

Visioning is driven by a presence larger than ourselves, whether you call that God, the Universe or something else. It involves opening yourself to the guidance this presence provides and trusting in it. When you vision, you become a channel for the creative process in a way that allows you to live your soul’s true purpose.

Putting Them To Work: The Process
There is an important order to this process: visioning, goal-setting, then visualization. Use this framework when setting your annual goals or when starting a new project.

1. Visioning- Connect With a Higher Power
Visioning doesn’t involve a specific “what” because it isn’t about your wants; it’s about your PURPOSE. By connecting with that purpose and opening yourself up to an array of possibilities and opportunities, you start to build guideposts for your goals to align with. One of the simplest ways to access your vision is through meditation. Simply sit for a period of 15-30 minutes in silence and allow your vision to be revealed to you.

2.  Goal Setting- The Intuitive Way
Visioning doesn’t stop when goal-setting starts. It is always running in the background, guiding and supporting your goals. In this manner, goal-setting doesn’t happen at the level of your mind; it comes from your intuition, providing greater clarity. When you are clear on your goals, write them down with specific, measurable outcomes.

 3.  Visualization- 68 Seconds/Day
Once you have your goals, it’s time to visualize living those goals in the present moment. According to Abraham Hicks’ book “Ask and it is Given,” if you hold a thought for 68 seconds, that thought becomes dominant and the manifestation process begins. Because what you focus on expands, this technique allows you to be much more focused and deliberate in what you want to create.

4.  Inspired Action
 When you are focused on your goals, it’s time to take action toward making them a reality. The action must be driven by your intuition, however, not your head. Trust the guidance you’re receiving. Continue moving forward; if you are not expanding, you’re contracting.

5.  Trust Mantra
I encourage you to state this mantra often, particularly if you are stuck or discouraged: I am confident I can do this, even though I don’t know how. I will be shown the way as I walk into the unknown.

Trust is essential. When you are stuck in your head, resistant to what you feel but can’t see, or artificially forcing actions, it’s easy to become derailed. Connect with your vision, set your goals, visualize living those goals, take inspired action toward achieving them and reinforce your trust in the process by repeating the mantra.

Visioning is the driving force. Access that power and what you strive to achieve will be aligned with who you truly are. It will ensure the goals you SAY you want are the ones you ACTUALLY want.

Wishing you much inspiring success!

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