Declaring 2021 The Year Of Imagination

The time is ripe for imagination

As we enter 2021, the “Age of Aquarius” and a new administration, we have the opportunity to live in a time of hope, possibility and positivity. Can you feel this shift?

Of course, already some are doubting the vision of unity and healing put forth by our new President. We don’t know how things will take shape. The vision for unity may first include breakdowns… who knows.

This is where the power of visualization comes into the equation.

Embracing visualization to harness the Power of our Imagination

Visualization, and imagery, taps into the subconscious to help us see our goal as already accomplished, without getting lost in figuring out “how” it will happen. Professional athletes use it to win games, business leaders use it to meet financial goals. My clients use it to guide their success.

Through the visualization process, we have the ability to go into an energetic field — to connect with the Divine where you can access a creative intelligence that will inform your visions through your imagination. This is where you enter the field of the miraculous.

“The imagination is a muscle, if it is not exercised, it atrophies.” ~Neil Gaiman

I invite you to imagine your life’s grand possibilities. Let’s discover together the individual and collective contributions we can make. 

Please join me this Saturday, January 30, 2021 from 11 AM to 1 PM Pacific time for a Virtual Vision Board Workshop. There is no cost to join us – this is my gift to the community!
Let’s create together and utilize our focused imagination to bring about a life and world that is informed by our highest and best selves.
Create anything — from the material to the common good. 
I have manifested a lot in my life and helped many clients do the same. Some of the things I’ve manifested include travels, such as a visit to Italy that took us through Istanbul (both on my vision board at the time). While manifesting experiences and things can be fun and amazing, together we can create even more — such as kindness, self actualization, and personal growth. I invite you to tap into your vast imagination to not only fulfill your own needs and desires, which you absolutely can, but to also answer the higher collective calling we’re engaged in now.
“The more you can dream the more you can do.” ~Michael Korda
That’s what I want for you – a year of accomplishments that manifest your deep desires and also touch the lives of others with meaning and depth. Join us on Saturday if you can!
Much love, Rita

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