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June 11-12, 2021

Declare, invent and invest in yourself. Live the miraculous!

Declare, invent and invest in yourself. Live the miraculous!

The energy of Fall is HERE and preparing us for productive and focused months ahead. Summer was a time for reflection, and now we are moving into a phase of clear, empowered action. I LOVE this time of year because I notice that my creativity, as well as that of my clients and those around me, is at its highest during the autumn months. It’s a season where we can all find ourselves in the zone and feeling very alive!

At Inspiring Success, we teach a new model for creating and elevating your business. It’s a model that brings you into alignment with your highest levels of success and financial prosperity and has you effortlessly attracting your desired results.

This cutting edge model brings together principles that I have been studying and teaching for over 20 years… and the select group of entrepreneurs, small business owners and leaders who I mentor in this way of working are fulfilling their inspired visions in incredible ways!

‘My experience with Rita has been nothing short of transformational.’
~Sally Han

‘Within three days of the Intensive, I had two new clients, and gifts from the Universe started magically showing up in my life.’
~Nancy Monson

‘Over and over we heard stories of manifestations that came easily and quickly once people were free to allow them to appear. Rita is masterful!’
~ Laurie Coe

Practicing this model requires that you take 3 key steps:

  • Declare yourself the creator of your reality
  • Invent yourself from the knowing that you create your reality
  • Invest in yourself by anchoring yourself in something greater that supports you to align with your highest vision and purpose

This is the time to move — to declare what you want, focus on it, and invest in creating it.

I invite you to invest in yourself by registering for my 2019 Magnetizing Success and Prosperity Planning Intensive, a two-day retreat where you will learn how to embody a different mindset and apply this cutting edge model for effortless, aligned success to the rest of your year and beyond.

During the 2019 Magnetizing Success and Prosperity Planning Intensive, you will:

  • Register your accomplishments for 2018 and design 2019 from an inspired and empowered place
  • Design an inspiring vision for your business and key areas in your life, plus design the inspired actions to fulfill the vision
  • Transform your current limiting beliefs so that you can move to the next level of your success with velocity and power
  • Master and sustain prosperity by understanding the energy of money and how it functions
  • Shift from a survival-based business model to a thriving business model
  • Realize how your alignment with Universal principles is the key to attracting results with ease (You will leave knowing how it feels to be living the miraculous!)
  • Get support in taking inspired risks that will take you farther than you have ever gone before

Expect to be stretched. Expect to let go. Expect to own more of who you truly are.

Expect to transform.

The intensive begins on November 16th, but your journey begins now. Click here to register and reserve your space!


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