Strategic Visioning &
Implementation Retreat

Your Strategic Visioning and Implementation Retreat is a co-created event where you and your entire team will spend two transformative days working directly with Rita. Because of the group structure and synergy, you and your team receive exponential insight, learning and transformation.

You and your team will be given the inspiration and clear action steps to immediately begin implementing your strategy so that your visions and goals can become reality. This two-day retreat is an incredible opportunity to gain traction and momentum in your business, and generate breakthrough results beyond what you now see as possible or predictable.

“Rita’s methods and guidance allowed us all to envision and explore in a supportive, creative context. The process was logical and encouraged active involvement. We were thrilled with the level of participation by everyone. It wasn’t ‘work.’ We had fun! After developing the vision together, we spent the second day identifying the ways and means for putting this into place. We prioritized and assigned people to identified projects. Everyone had a renewed sense of confidence and enthusiasm for the direction we are headed.The collective take away from the retreat was how very much we all are in alignment and share a common love for our work. Since then, each task group has set up goals for the year. Some have been achieved already in one month. The Company spirit remains high as we have a collective vision and action plan in place. The results have blown us away!

Rita takes great care in truly understanding each person and the organization. She has the ability to graciously tackle any ‘elephants in the room’ and bring out a deeper meaning to issues at hand. We have grown personally and professionally at a rate we could have never expected. This has resulted in an increase in profitability each of the 3 years of our working together.

We highly recommend working with Rita!”

— Kate Stickley and Gretchen Whittier, Partners
Arterra Landscape Architects

What’s Included

Your Strategic Visioning and Implementation Retreat will take place over two full days. Prior to your Strategic Visioning and Implementation Retreat, you will meet with Rita for a phone session to get clear on your desired outcomes and intentions. Rita will then design a customized Retreat to create the highest impact and results for you and your team.

The standard Strategic Visioning and Implementation Retreat investment includes:

  • Strategic Visioning and Implementation Retreat Pre-call
  • Individualized preparation and design for your day
  • Two full retreat days for you and your team with visioning sessions and strategic planning custom-designed to take your business to the next level
  • Follow-up call to support your next steps and implementation of action items

Typical Outcomes you and your team will receive from the Strategic Visioning and Implementation Retreat:

  • Your custom design will be fully implemented into your Retreat, allowing you full control of the desired outcome with Rita’s assistance
  • You will leave with a co-created vision and mission that will generate more inspiration, engagement, motivation and leadership for your entire team
  • You will have a breakthrough to move through whatever is currently stopping you, slowing you down, or keeping you stuck in your business
  • You will create a strategy for achieving your financial goals by masterminding with Rita and your team
  • You will accelerate your business growth and expand your mindset, so you can easily make a quantum leap in taking action with ease
  • Your team will find a new level of synergy in support of the greater mission and vision for your business
  • Your team members will be inspired to take more initiative, be self-generating, and show up in leadership with their talents
  • You and your team will walk away with clear, specific actions to move your vision into reality
  • Your money and prosperity consciousness will be elevated to a whole new level, allowing you to attract even greater financial prosperity
  • You will discover the energy leaks in your business and design a business model and structure where you will make more money… and keep more money!
  • You will change the trajectory of your business and your life in this two-day exclusive Strategic Visioning and Implementation Retreat.

Having our organization grow so well in the last five years has been a “nice” problem to have, but it’s still a challenge. It is important for us that as we grow we ensure our organization operates from a shared vision and maintains the quality of our artistic programming.

Rita has the rare ability to command the room while providing guidance and support in an unobtrusive manner. As the Executive Director of Golden Thread Production, Rita’s presence was invaluable to me. I was able to sit back, reflect, and focus on participating while allowing Rita to help us articulate our individual visions for the organization. She then facilitated a group conversation helping us arrive at a shared vision. She then assisted us in prioritizing our objectives and developing common goals.

By the end of the retreat, we had a powerful, shared Vision, a 5-year vision for the organization, and prioritized achievable goals.

We look forward to working with Rita on our continued growth and success!”

— Torange Yeghiazarian, Founding Artistic Director
Golden Thread Production

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