Group VIP Retreat Day

I am offering an opportunity for a select group of people to participate in a Group Coaching VIP Day with me.

Each of you will get the experience of working directly with me in an intimate setting, with the result of achieving your intended outcomes.

The beauty and power of working this way is that you will be with no more than 3 other business owners, each taking a turn where the focus is on you, and where I will work with each person in depth.

The insights, learning and transformation you will receive are exponential because of the group structure and synergy. 

This is for people who want to work with me privately in a cost effective way, take their business to the next level and gain fast traction and momentum in their business. This will set you up so your visions and goals can become a reality!

Although the Group VIP Retreat Day is custom-designed for each participant, below are some of the outcomes you can expect.

Typical Outcomes you will receive from the Group VIP Retreat Day:

  • You will have a breakthrough to move through whatever is currently stopping you, slowing you down, or keeping you stuck
  • You will create a strategy for achieving your financial goals by Masterminding with Rita and the other “high vibration” and creative people
  • You will receive “out of the box” and innovative ideas and coaching for being more visible and reaching your ideal clients, resulting in more business
  • You will accelerate your business growth and expand your mindset so you can easily make a quantum leap in taking action with ease
  • You will walk away with clear specific actions to move your vision reality
  • Your money and prosperity consciousness will be elevated to a whole new level allowing you to attract even greater financial prosperity
  • You will discover your energy leaks in your business and design a business model and structure where you will make more money and keep more money!
  • You will change the trajectory of your business and your life in this One Day exclusive VIP Retreat Day.

Remember this day is custom-designed for you to achieve YOUR intended outcomes so if you intend to accomplish other outcomes than the examples above, not to worry.

You and I will have a conversation before your VIP Day to design your intended outcomes.

This opportunity is limited 4 people to ensure that each participant gets the required attention.

Your investment is $997. for the day. This includes a delicious catered lunch.

Fill out the form below, and we will contact you to discuss your business needs and determine if this program is a fit for you.

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