Rita helps business owners identify what’s holding them back from achieving the level of prosperity and growth they desire.


Even successful entrepreneurs making 6-7 figures hit plateaus and need guidance in getting to the next level. Setting goals, strategizing, and planning are all keys to achieving success, but only after releasing the unconscious limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success. Rita works with individuals and groups to embody empowering beliefs that are in alignment with their vision and goals. The result of this approach is more clarity of purpose, freedom, and inspired action toward achieving more than you ever imagined possible.

Our Circumstances are a Reflection of our Consciousness
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Intention Setting
Every morning (before I do anything) I meditate and write in my gratitude journal the 10 things I am deeply […]

Rita Hovakimian is a Business Coach and Prosperity Mentor.

She invites her clients to think big; to imagine all that is possible for their lives and businesses. Approaching success from a spirit-driven place, she challenges business owners to get out of their own way and start living the miraculous.

Rita helps small businesses to co-create an inclusive, effective, and inspiring work culture with their staff. For more than 25 years she has been helping entrepreneurs, business owners and their staff connect with their purpose, identify their business vision and goals, and achieve financial success.

Rita understands the path to success involves our relationship with money, and how we charge for our services correlates to our self-worth. Deeply-entrenched limiting beliefs often play a role, so much of Rita’s work centers around identifying those beliefs and installing more empowering ones. Her clients confidently own their value and increase their financial prosperity with ease.

Rita is a Certified Professional Coach through New Ventures West with extensive training in the Enneagram system of personality development and awareness. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from San Francisco State University, graduating with honors. Additional training includes four years of intuitive training held at Bastyr University as well as masters-level certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in London, England. She has studied with the best mentors in her field, embodying the principles she has learned and sharing them with those she has coached over the last 25 years.

Rita created a unique body of work called Women, Power and Body Esteem: Being a Woman in the 21st Century in 1991, which she led for 11 years to over 2,000 women throughout the US and in Canada. She has certified women as Women, Power, and Body Esteem coaches around the world in this deep, empowering work. Her vision continues to assist women be able to embrace all that they are, and all they aspire to be in a powerful and authentic way.

Rita is always engaged in growth and development, both personally and professionally, and has been a daily meditator for over 2 decades. She sits on the Board of Trustees of Golden Thread Productions, whose mission is to produce passionate and provocative plays from or about the Middle East including its global diaspora – that celebrate the multiplicity of its perspectives and identities. Rita is currently working in a more spiritual direction; she is in the midst of bringing greater purpose and presence to those she encounters, through honest and deep experiences. Being a philanthropist and being of service gives her the greatest joy. Her husband Robert is her biggest supporter at work and in life.


The clarity and direction I received awakened a vision I would never have imagined. Working with Rita propelled me into action!

Jodi Weisberg  / Owner/Founder Your Wellness Partner, LLC


I've stepped up to a whole new level in my business, overcoming a block I've had for years!

Nancy Monson, Nancy Monson Coaching, Inc.


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