“Rita helped me get out of my own way and created an environment where I could make this happen. My forecast through the end of 2015 indicates I’ll be at 140% of my 2014 revenue!”

“At the beginning of 2015, I wanted to increase my business 50% over 2014. Rita felt that goal was way too low and suggested I give myself a stretch goal of 200% over my 2014 revenue. Wow! The amazing thing was when we really sat and analyzed my business and worked through all the possibilities of what was attainable for new and continuing business across the year, it made sense. What a confidence boost! What a motivating belief to get out of my own way and really take it to the next level.

I have negotiated several deals this year where I charged more than I would have. Rita was sitting on my shoulder telling me to charge what I’m worth…and they said yes without hesitation!

My forecast through the end of 2015 indicates I’ll be at 140% of my 2014 revenue! Rita helped me get out of my own way and created an environment where I could make this happen. AND, I took over 50 days of vacation!

Thanks, Rita, for moving me beyond what I thought was possible.”

-Mira Ringler
Leadership Development Coach & Consultant

Nancy Monson

“I realized a 200% increase in my sales!”

“My experience with Rita has been nothing short of transformational. Her work introduced me to a new domain of being where I have been able to combine my spiritual path with my drive and ambition, resulting in my highest return for both joy and financial success.

Rita’s ability to lovingly hold space for personal reflection and to challenge me to dream big and destroy limiting beliefs has led to my success. In the last year, I realized a 200% increase in my sales! At my last group session, I crafted my own offer which produced my first coaching client, which more than twice paid for my attendance there. Our work has freed me from long held limiting impressions about money and how to better attract it.

In addition to the extraordinary results that I have experienced, with Rita I have encountered like-minded, powerful people who help me stay connected to a community that keeps me focused on what’s next.”

– Sally R. Han

Linda Curtis

“Overwhelm has been replaced by excitement and trepidation with a new understanding and confidence in the value of my work.

“I am so grateful for the space Rita created for me in her Inspiring Success Coaching Program for me to grow and thrive in my business. She has a special gift for seeing possibilities in her clients and these past six months I’ve felt her holding me accountable to my vision in a way that was empowering and uplifting, never heavy-handed.

Thanks to Rita, I am well on my way to launching a new program, and building a solid support team to help me make it all happen with ease. Overwhelm has been replaced by excitement and trepidation with a new understanding and confidence in the value of my work.”

– Linda A. Curtis
Executive Consultant and Founder of Honorable Closure

“Rita helped us discover where our energy leaks were – in the last 8 months, our revenues increased by 44% !”

“Since we began working with Rita, in the last 8 months our revenues increased by 44% and our net profit increased by 132% compared to the same 6 month period last year. Our biggest challenge in our business was working way too many hours. We wanted to find a way in which we could work smarter and still deliver high quality and on-time deliverables. In our work with Rita, we defined our focus and decided to create a company culture that had the qualities of Ease, Trust and Excellence. Rita helped us discover where our energy leaks were, both inside the company and with our mindset.

Rita is incredibly insightful. We feel this is born from listening and hearing us. Her recommendations are personal to us and spot-on for our business. She distills things down to the simple essence and helps us determine what our focus should be to achieve success. Rita celebrates our uniqueness and embraces it, and helps us figure out how to make it all happen. We love working with you Rita!”

– Arterra Landscape Architects
Kate Stickely & Gretchen Whittier, Partners

“The clarity and direction I received awakened a vision I would never have imagined. Working with Rita propelled me into action!”

“Working with Rita was incredibly valuable in a way that was completely unexpected. She not only provided content and tools that are now powerfully guiding and strengthening my brand, but she also led me to see a much bigger picture for myself, my business and my life.

The clarity and direction I received opened up a vision that I would never have imagined and propelled me into action! Now I am not only helping individuals live a life of wellness, but I am also being a catalyst for altering the medical industry as we know it.

This kind of breakthrough has occurred often in working with Rita. Her intuition, insightful questions, and deep spiritual connection enabled me to experience my Higher Self at a whole new level – to more deeply connect to my life purpose. Extraordinary!”

– Jodi Weisberg
Owner/Founder Your Wellness Partner, LLC

Nancy Monson

 “I’ve stepped up to a whole new level in my business, overcoming a block I’ve had for years!”

“Rita has the gift of being able to see deeply into who I am, which for me is essential. I have found very, very few coaches who truly get me, and as a result, appropriately coach me. Rita did that for me beautifully and championed me to step into a role that was far beyond what I could see for myself.

Her insight, confidence and belief in me allowed me to step up to a whole new level in my business, overcoming a block I have had for years. After signing up for Rita’s coaching program, I made back my investment in just three months! And I’m continuing to bring in money from my new work at a higher level than I ever expected, thanks to Rita’s coaching, support and insight. Thank you, thank you, thank you Rita!”

– Nancy Monson Coaching, Inc.

Madeline Brane

 “I developed a solid prosperity consciousness that continues to attract miracles!”

“In just a short time in working with Rita, I developed a solid prosperity consciousness that continues to have me attract miracles!

I also received a much more positive performance review and a higher bonus than I’d anticipated. I sold my condo in 4 days for $25k over the asking price. I found my dream home that exceeded my expectations 5 days after closing my condo. A job opportunity that was more aligned with my heart’s desires was created especially for me.

Rita’s insistence on clarity with numbers had me discover that my net worth was $250k more than I’d thought. And it just keeps getting better!”

– Madeline Brane
Senior Project Manager

Susan Brown

 “I released my family history with money and stepped into my power!”

Rita’s authenticity and integrity is incredibly powerful and transforming! Her focus on tangible outcomes with a Spirit-based approach encouraged me to invest in myself. I was drawn to Rita after I observed her in action at an intensive, and in just one month of coaching I have experienced a flow of abundance, both personally and professionally.

I now better understand and appreciate my relationship with money. She helped me not only define and clarify my own unique qualities, but also understand and appreciate other people’s relationships with money. I was moving in with my boyfriend at the time, and Rita’s coaching helped keep us in harmony through our transition. She helped me release my past family history with money, step into my power and allow my light to shine brightly.

In Rita, I have a trusting partner who always has my best interest in mind. I have an increased sense of confidence about the future and I feel as if a gateway of abundance has opened up to me. I am noticing miracles every day!”

– Susan Brown
Director, Client Development
The Energy Project

Sue Tsigaros

 “My monthly cash flow has consistently doubled!”

“Words seem inadequate to articulate fully the positive impact that Rita has had on my business, my life and my marriage. As a person seeking support in getting to the next level, I feel extremely fortunate to have found Rita, someone who fully sees me at all levels: intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and commercially.

Since working with Rita my monthly cash flow has consistently doubled (and in some cases, tripled), I have attracted new opportunities to speak to larger audiences, negotiated excellent fees and terms, and most importantly have been empowered to say “no” with grace and ease when an opportunity does not feel congruent. I have never been so organized and productive as I am now and I feel every day more connected to my purpose.”

– Sue Tsigaros
Executive Leader Development Coach
Sydney Area, Australia

Mark Johnson

 “This is the most business I have ever had in my career!”

“The increase in our business is fabulous. We have 22 deals in escrow and we are closing 10-12 loans next month. And we have more than 50 more deals in pipeline!

As you might have guessed from these numbers, my business just exploded right after I met Rita and has continued every day since. I am doing everything I can just to keep up. This is the most business I have ever had in my career – I am thrilled.

The limiting belief I had is gone. I felt a huge shift, and since that time I haven’t looked back.”

– Mark Johnson
Home Mortgage Consultant
Santa Barbara, California

Lee Johnston

“I’ve increased my rates by 50% – I now feel empowered by the rates I am charging“

“Working with Rita has shown me the way to create expansion and success. By investing in myself I was able to make huge shifts in how I viewed my business as well as my own time and value. I reorganized the price structures for my programs and have increased my rates by 50%. I now feel empowered by the rates I am charging that reflect the amount of time, energy and commitment I invest in my work. ”

– Lee Johnston
Life Coach
Toronto, Canada

“I am generating more income, and my work is expanding into new dimensions I had only imagined.”

“As soon as I met Rita, I trusted her integrity and felt a resonance with her passion for helping people from a very sincere place in her heart. In one day with Rita, we managed to create a clear vision and master plan for my business and give me the sense of direction I had been longing for. I am generating more income, and my work is expanding into new dimensions I had only imagined before.

In my work with Rita I have found that her absolute faith in me and appreciation of my soul-level gifts has given me enormous confidence and clarity, as well as greater inner and outer abundance. I am deeply grateful for her work and her beautiful presence…I feel incredibly blessed to have found such a gifted coach!

– Deepika Shelef
International Teacher, Trainer and Somatic Coach
Fairfax, California

Rhonda Schulke

“You helped me develop a game plan to ask for what I want…and I made an additional $15K in income that week!”

“First, I had a breakthrough around my fear of asking for what I want. Then I had the powerful revelation that I have the right to my voice. You helped me develop a game plan to make requests to the appropriate channels and ask for what I want. I made the requests and within one week I began getting the “cream” leads, resulting in an additional $15K in income that week.

The best part is that with your support, I was able to do all of this with such ease and grace. Rita, it is an amazing feeling to know you are holding a huge space for me and there is SO much yet for me to grow and experience.”

– Rhonda Schulke
Sales for Vacation Owned Properties
Los Altos, California

 “We brought in an additional $10K to our business in one month!”

“As a direct result of implementing the strategies and practices that Rita taught us, my husband and I brought in an additional $10,000 to our business in one month. And it was easy and joy-filled, because we were in alignment with the spiritual and practical principles that she teaches. I’m very grateful for Rita’s grounded, clear and loving approach and of course for the results!”

– Lara and Johnny Fernandez
Benicia, CA

“Rita’s coaching has been the catalyst for my entire life’s transition. Her approach of practicality, business sense and action mixed with spiritual principles was the formula I was looking for… and it provided results.”

“Prior to working with Rita I had been in a lot of transition, financially and creatively ‘surviving.’ I needed an outside perspective, support and clarity. What I love about Rita is the first question she asked me in my time of distress was, ‘What do you KNOW?’ Most people think they have all the answers, but Rita empowered me from the very beginning.

Her approach of practicality, business sense and action mixed with spiritual principles was the formula I was looking for… and it provided results. I signed up for a writing course, and have written a coffee table book. I created a brand called An Inspired Path, and my overall income has doubled! Rita’s coaching has been the catalyst for my entire life’s transition. She believed in me in a way no one in this world has, seeing what I couldn’t see myself, then she stood next to me as I walked across the threshold toward abundance, purpose and passion. Now I am no longer surviving; I am THRIVING personally, emotionally, financially and professionally.”

– Kristen Smith
Director of Marketing, A New Path
Costa Mesa, CA

“Rita provided a path to gratitude which has shifted everything in a positive way. For the first time in my life I’m truly grateful for the amazing work and life I have created. I’ve finally stopped trying to be someone I wasn’t meant to be.”

“I was in crisis mode, no longer wanting to work for my current company because I hated it and always felt ‘less than.’ I thought the only way out was to retire early, but after attending three different events with Rita, everything changed. Now I no longer believe I need to retire to find happiness. I started working part time, making enough money to have fun and live a full life. The things that caused me angst for years I simply stopped doing. With my new flexible schedule I’ve been able to take several vacations with my retired husband and fulfill my heart’s need for the wilderness, bicycling and human connection. Community work is also something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, so I started working at a local soup kitchen. It was hard at first, but it has propelled all areas of my life forward. I also completely changed my website to reflect my new business model, attracting the clients I WANT to work with.

Rita provided a path to gratitude which has shifted everything in a positive way. For the first time in my life I’m truly grateful for the amazing work and life I have created. I’ve finally stopped trying to be someone I wasn’t meant to be.”

– Scott Cunningham
Residential Interior Design Consultant
Cunningham Design

Women, Power & Body Esteem Testimonials

Sue Tsigaros

 “I have more presence and confidence”

“Being certified in WPBE has given me more presence and confidence, as well as adding elements to my work that have an ‘attraction factor.’ The last three proposals I wrote for personal coaching have been $11,000 – $20,000 proposals and two have been accepted immediately. Only one of these actually includes some elements of WPBE, and yet in all of them, it is the way that I am showing up now – as a result of doing the work myself –  that is making all the difference. I am seeing much faster results.

Additionally, it helps create juicy topics. As of last week, I have nine speaking gigs booked this year, across many branches of a metropolitan women’s business network.”

– Sue Tsigaros, WP&BE Certified Coach

Susan Jentzsch

 “I felt a breakthrough in compassion for my own body”

“The Women, Power & Body Esteem program empowered me to find body esteem – authentically and completely!  Truly, this is the most profound, deep and vulnerable work I’ve done.

My energies were blocked by years of stories I created about what it means to be a woman – an ideal woman worthy of love and affection. These blocked energies kept me in a state frustration and resentment. In this program, we dispelled the collective unconscious notion of what society says it means to be a woman, and I was able to create my own new and authentic expression.

With my body, there was a major disconnect from my neck down. Having to be with my bare self, both figuratively and literally, was a breakthrough in the area of vulnerability and compassion for my own body. I reclaimed my inner power and renewed my commitment to self by expression of who I am in this world.”


– Susan Jentzch, WP&BE Certified Coach

Jen Hibbits

 “I finally quieted the constant critiques that I had about my body”

“My biggest takeaway from the Women, Power & Body Esteem workshop was a greater amount of love and appreciation for my body. I had never really thought about giving love, appreciation and kindness to myself, only to others. It allowed me to listen more to myself, my intuition, trust it, and care more for myself. That really rocked my world.

Having greater access to my intuition has made a tremendous difference in how I show up in relationships and my professional life. This program also quieted the nattering and constant critiques that I had about my thick legs, round backside and unique nose. Now I appreciate those body parts and what makes me ME…strong, powerful, womanly and beautiful.”


– Jen Hibbits, Partner
Sunset Social Media Relations

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