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Bringing Forth What Is Within You

Over the years my work has evolved and expanded in new dimensions. I find that my business and life is guided by a creative intelligence and is rooted in trust and abundance. As we learn to listen to this guidance, we invariably hear the unique calling we all have. I firmly believe each of us…Continue Reading

Generating Prosperity~A New Podcast with Rita

I hope you had a lovely, restorative, joyful and fun Summer! It’s been a while since I’ve connected with you… I have been in a reflective mode these last couple of months asking the Universe, “what’s next as it relates to my own expansion and the expansion of those I work with”. When we ask, we receive.…Continue Reading

Attracting Prosperity: Key Practice #4 Generosity

I am especially excited to be sharing with you a practice of mine that is one of my favorite keys for attracting prosperity: “Generosity.” Generosity is about freely giving of your talents, time and treasure (e.g. money). Being of service and giving from your heart leads to greater prosperity. Many people get caught up in a…Continue Reading

Attracting Prosperity: Key Practice #3 Intention Setting

Setting an intention harnesses the magic of the Universe. When it delivers, you are awakened to the fact that you have power to create your life; it moves you from being a victim to a victor. It paves the way for the experiences you want because the Universe shapes itself according to your language—your word…Continue Reading

Attracting Prosperity: Key Practice #2 Gratitude

If you only do ONE thing daily to attract more goodness and prosperity in your life, make it the practice of gratitude. Expressing what you’re grateful for tells the universe how appreciative you are for what you have, instead of focusing on what you lack. And a fundamental principle of the law of attraction states…Continue Reading

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